Lead Exhaust Technician


 Lead Exhaust Technician

Mack's Mufflers

Location-San Tan Valley, AZ 85140

Salary-$25,000.00 – $50,000.00 per year

Job type- Full-time

Job Description

Lead Exhaust Technician-

Job Description: 

The Lead Exhaust Technician is very knowledgeable in regards to automotive exhaust systems, their functions, and their components. The Lead Exhaust Technician will have the ability to remove a complete factory exhaust system from any year/make/model vehicle and replace it entirely with either a full custom exhaust system or a system composed of OEM and aftermarket components. 

Job Requirements:

-Ability to safely Mig and or Tig weld steel & stainless steel.

-Ability to  safely operate hand tools as well as hand held power tools without unreasonable accommodations.

-Ability to safely operate machinery without unreasonable accommodations.

-Ability to operate a Huth hydraulic exhaust tubing bender safely and accurately. 

-Ability to respond to both written and verbal instructions.

-Ability to communicate clearly and effectively. 

-Ability to maintain a safe and cleanly work environment. 

-Ability to work both under leadership as well autonomously. 

-Ability to maintain a fast paced and effective work flow.

-Ability to problem solve safely, quickly, and effectively. 

-Ability to multitask and work on multiple jobs at a time. 

The ideal candidate will possess a well established sense of intrinsic motivation. There is always work to be done in the shop even when there may not be a customers vehicle to work on. The ideal individual will additionally possess a strong sense of self respect and pride in ones self, this includes but is not limited to: professional appearance and professional communication, as well as an outstanding work ethic that translates into an outstanding finished product. This individual will be able to perform their duties in a fast paced yet extremely accurate manner. Lastly, the person that will be the best fit will be focused and determined as well timely and punctual. 

*****Starting pay is Dependent On Experience.*****

*Well qualified applicants may initially be offered a short term paid internship. If offered this opportunity it is highly recommended to showcase your very best skill set and work ethic.