Born In Tempe in a time when cars were meant to go fast and guzzle gas. Mack has had a passion for creating works of art with his hands his entire life. He was a high-end custom furniture builder and cabinet maker by trade, who moonlighted as an award-winning hot rod builder in his spare time. Mack is nothing short of a creative genius. When people meet Mack, they meet a man who has a deep understanding of innovation and problem-solving. There is almost nothing that Mack can not fix or improve. Mack pours his heart and soul into everything that he touches and you can rest assured that if Mack has laid hands on it, it has his name on it, or it rolls out of his shop that it will be nothing less than perfect. This is more than obvious when you visit Mack's shop. Nothing proves as a better example of his meticulous nature than the fact that you could eat from his shop floor. His attention to detail on your project will only leave you wondering why you hadn't visited his shop sooner. His passion is further exemplified by his prices and his craftsmanship. When you find someone like Mack, that truly loves what they do; someone who attains great joy from sharing his gifts and talents with his clients you know that you are getting a product of incredible value. His trophies and the testimonials of his work are immense, but his personal sense of achievement is felt when he is given the opportunity to help his next client. You won't leave Mack's Mufflers disappointed. We Guarantee It!